Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Clubpenguin and Me

I have a penguin named Alibilai. I have 100 buddies. I'm a secret agent. I did all the missions. But........... I'm not a member!!! If I was a member, I could by cloths and wigs and cool puffles. Do you want to be A member??? Then make a clubpenguin account, play clubpenguin, and while playing, look at the top left and find the word membership. Have your parents pay and in a few months you can be a member!!!

Club penguin Cheats and Tips

Hi, this is Ali talking to you. I'm gonna tell you some cheats for Club penguin. Right now there is a new pin hidden in the forest. You will see a tree, and it will have an ice cream cone in the tree.

You want MORE cheats and tips? stay tuned for my next post!